Counterfiet Part Detection

Quality assurance is part of every aspect of our business at Atlantic Coastal Electronics. Our company works to ensure the delivery of authentic products. Atlantic Coastal Electronics, Inc. works from SAE-AS6081 standards. With counterfeit parts entering the market, vendor performance and qualifications are reviewed with more scrutiny by OEMs and Contract Manufacturers. SAE-AS6081 standards set us apart as our customers select key suppliers to support electronic builds and Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) projects.

Atlantic Coastal Electronics works directly with some of the largest electronic original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and government contractors in the world to become SAE-AS6081 certified counterfeit detection and avoidance standard for independent electronic distributors.

Atlantic Coastal Electronics is committed to working with buyers and engineers to avoid the rare but problematic issue of counterfeit parts from the independent distributor supply chain. We are a solutions provider that works closely with customers to provide quality service finding difficult to locate electronic component parts. All of our parts are tested to idea regulation.

Atlantic Coastal Electronics provides services that assist engineers and purchasing agents to find solutions to supply interruptions. We develop a relationship with our customers and together we find solutions that suit their needs. Â

We know that cost savings can be significant when the proper part is procured avoiding a circuit board redesign. Purchasing electronic component parts from the independent distributor market place is a strategic business decision. Electronic manufacturers and distributors come to Atlantic Coastal Electronics for many reasons including an inability to find the part from the regular supplier.

As an independent distributor, we are continuing to raise the bar on quality control at every level. The SAE-AS6081 standard insures that the parts you purchase from Atlantic Coastal Electronics go through a stringent, multi-step inspection process before shipping to you. At Atlantic Coastal Electronics, we want our customers to get the best service, price, product and delivery from us every time they place an order.

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The product on the right had identical markings on the top of the part (a little blurry which caused concern), but the physical characteristics were different.

Please note the "Origin Imprint" on the bottom - different sizes and different countries of manufacture. We didn't photograph multiple tops, but the top of the parts had different "Orientation imprints," which are the small circles on the bottom left. Note the original does not have an “Orientation imprint.

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